Increase Your Direct Sales.

Promoting your products through our Find Family Farms network makes it easy to connect with customers who are eager to buy directly from you.

People Must Eat.

Food is necessary for life. Safe food has never been more critical. For perhaps the first time in most of our lives, global supply chains are being interrupted, and a fresh food supply isn’t guaranteed at our local super markets.

Together, we can keep our local food supply growing!

Maximize Profit & Save Marketing Time With No Upfront Out of Pocket Expense.

Customers Want...

● Safe, healthy food sources.

● A shorter supply chain.

● Creative, new ingredient options.

● Better than big-box quality.

● To cook & eat the ingredients that their favorite chefs use.


You Get...

● A steady stream of potential new customers.

● Increased customer loyalty.

● Own your own customers.

● Access to new markets.

● Access to our marketing expertise & influencer network.

● Cancel at any time.

How it Works For Producers Like You. 

Producer participation in FIND FAMILY FARMS is by invitation only. EATYALL is committed to referring the very best products to our network. Artisan family farmers and food makers are invited to apply.

Upon receipt of an invitation request, our culinary team will review your business and check references and/or sample your product before approving participation.

Step 1. Create your first Members Only Offer

Our team can guide you to create an offer that is good for you and appealing to FARM CLUB members. Don’t ship yet? Let’s get your farm listed on the Farms by State list as your first step.

Step 2. Honor Monthly Offer Codes

Honor monthly discount codes with phone and/or web-based ordering on nationwide shipping as well as local pickup or delivery orders. We’ll send codes well in advance of effective dates along with a printable PDF that can be posted in your call stations for easy reference.

Step 3. Send a Monthly Sample

Each month, we’ll have you ship a product sample to either one of our team or a chef or media influencer who has agreed to use the product to create digital content that will help promote your product to new customer groups as well as provide added value to existing customers in our network. By using chefs as influencers, we will also open new sales opportunities with restaurants, too!

Step 4. Enjoy Increased Promotions & Visibility to Consumers & Chefs

We’ll send regular email promotions to our FARM CLUB members and email marketing list promoting your product. We’ll also post on social media and re-post any influencer created-content on our social media, blog, and more. Our robust marketing program will boost your online presence & send more traffic to your website backed by our endorsement!

Step 5. Complete a Monthly Survey

This short survey will help us measure the effectiveness of our marketing and constantly improve what we do, so your business can grow.

Join These Chef-Endorsed Family Farms & Food Producers

Help Americans Discover a Better Way to Buy Groceries.

Maximize your profit margin when you sell direct to consumers. Partner with us to grow your direct sales business. There really is a better way to buy (and sell) groceries.

Leverage the EATYALL Network.

The FARM CLUB at Find Family Farms will connect family food farmers and artisan food makers across the U.S. to customers who are looking to buy better ingredients directly from the source.

EATYALL has built a network of over 30,000 email subscribers & social media followers over the past few years, and we have a team that understands social media advertising, video production, email marketing and e-commerce. With over 800 chefs, media & food influencers added to our network in recent years, our influencer network is robust and ready to work for you.

Most valuably, we have built a reputation for referring the best ingredients to the top chefs in America, and consumers ask us for similar referrals on a nearly daily basis. 

Still have questions? Call Andy Chapman at 228-493-6555 to discuss.