Better prices on groceries delivered from family farms.

Join the FARM CLUB to get exclusive discounts on hundreds of farm fresh grocery items.

Stop worrying about food.

Food safety was something we took for granted. Now it has become another thing to worry about. 

Don’t risk contamination and diminished nutrition and flavor. Only one step from our producers to your table means you’ll have the safest, highest quality food available. With a FARM CLUB membership, you’ll get get exclusive discounts on hundreds of farm fresh grocery items delivered from American producers directly to you.

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How FARM CLUB Membership Saves You Money


We’ll email you a code that gets you discounts when you shop directly with participating producers.


Receive exclusive savings each time you use the monthly Member Code to buy groceries with participating producers.


Savor your culinary journey with groceries you can trust, delivered directly to you (plus lots of other member benefits)!

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Better prices on groceries delivered from family farms.

For less than the price of an Instacart delivery, you can have affordable access to an interesting variety of farm fresh groceries.

For over a decade, our team built relationships with some of America’s best food producers, helping them connect to award-winning chefs who demand the best for their customers. All along the way, our family and friends have asked for guidance on where to buy the best fresh produce, meat, grains, dairy and more.

When a worldwide pandemic struck, our phones blew up with urgent requests for where to buy groceries. Our community of producers and chefs have responded in spades. 

Find Family Farms is a growing list of top-quality family food producers – many who are offering exclusive discounts to FARM CLUB members. 

Each producer is curated by our team, chefs, and bloggers, and we offer members concierge buying advice to help insure that you get the best deal on the farm fresh ingredients you want. Through virtual classes & cooking demonstrations, FARM CLUB members will learn how to use these amazing products by interacting with experts & chefs who have used them, too, so you can be confident with every purchase. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Find Family Farms

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Didn’t get the answers you need? Contact us or call 601-852-3463, so we can help you start saving on farm fresh groceries, soon.

How do I access exclusive savings as a FARM CLUB member?

Once per month, FARM CLUB members will receive an email with your new monthly Discount Code. That Discount Code is valid at ALL participating producers (see list on Member Discounts page). You may use the code as often as you’d like while it is valid, and the code works for both website and call-in orders. 

You’ll receive a new code every month for the duration of your membership. Please immediately contact Customer Support if you have any problems getting your exclusive savings, and our team will assist you. 

What producers are offering exclusive discounts to FARM CLUB members?

To see a list of family farms and food makers that are currently giving our FARM CLUB members exclusive discounts or special bonus product offers, please visit our Members Deals page. These discounts or the products available may change at any time, and new products and discounts are added almost every week. 

How do I order groceries?

You will shop directly with each producer. 

If you are a FARM CLUB member, please use your Monthly Discount Code to get exclusive savings each time you buy groceries from a featured producer. (See our Member Discount page for a list of producers offering exclusive discounts to our members). Website links and/or call-in order information are provided on the Member Discounts page.

How often are new producers added?

Our team is committed to adding new grocery offers and options for FARM CLUB members every month. We add new family farms and artisan food makers nearly every week to the Farms by State and Farms that Ship Lists, and new offers, sales, exclusive content and more will be delivered to your inbox every month. Our goal is to guide you on a never-ending culinary journey highlighted by exclusive discounts on better groceries delivered directly to you.

How are farms and food makers selected?

Every farm or food producer featured on our Member Discounts page has been curated by the EATYALL team and/or the EATYALL Chef Community. Many of the farm fresh groceries available at discount to our FARM CLUB members are first used by chefs who are committed to serving only the best quality and craft to their restaurant customers.

What payment options do you provide?

FARM CLUB members may join using major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

How can I change my plan?

You may cancel at anytime for any reason by simply emailing or texting us using Member Customer Service contact information provided when you join. You will stop getting members only communications and benefits at the end of your current subscription. 

A Few Discounts Now Available to FARM CLUB Members